Finn McCool’s

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

In the heart of New Orleans’ Mid City you will find a pub with a welcoming vibe that somehow manages to stand out even in this city famous for its revelry. Named after the legendary giant of Irish folklore, Finn McCool’s is a tradition that is as authentically Irish as it is Louisianan.

Stephen and Pauline Patterson were born in Belfast and arrived in New Orleans in the 90s where they were quickly taken with the city’s love of food, music and family. In 2002 the couple bought a worn-out old bar and Finn McCool’s Irish Pub was born. Hurricane Katrina was a major setback, but after 6 months rebuilding and the support of friends and neighbors, Finn McCool’s reopened on St Patrick’s Day 2006 and it hasn’t looked back – Finn’s has won awards for “Best Bartender in New Orleans” (high praise in the Big Easy!) and “Best Irish Pub.”

In a city where colossal beers are sold on street corners and daiquiris get the drive-thru treatment, Finn McCool’s stands out for its traditions and character. It is undoubtedly NOLA’s soccer headquarters, with international matches trumping all but Saints games on the pub’s TVs. Daily happenings including dart leagues and board game night keep things interesting while enjoying your perfectly poured pint.